Stupid Things

So I have a little more free time and thought I would keep up with pro cycling a little more.  As a kid I always enjoyed reading +VeloNews com and thought MAYBE I would subscribe again.  I got a flier in the mail (USPS so it cost them money to send it to me).  It says I can get 14 issues, the "Official Tour de France Guide", a free pair of Velo SGX Performance Socks (a $12.95 value!) and a money back guarantee!  Sure – sounds great!  All that for $24.95!  Overpriced socks, a magazine half full of lame mountain bike and cross coverage – but WTF… I will remember how I used to read it cover to cover as a kid and how much I loved it… right?

Well, then I said "DUDE… you are all about the tablet!" and I thought I wonder if I can get it online and save paper and be all hippy, new age and cool… After all my tablet DOES have the headphone jack on the bottom (MIND BLOWN).  I do my research and find out it's $29,99 to subscribe online.  As I like to say… with my best Australian accent 'WTF, mate?!?'  Surely  they will realize I am a tree hugging hippy wanna-be even if I don't live in the People's Republic of Boulder, CO!  So I email them… and ask.  They don't reply for 5 days, so I email them again and say … in my best Australian accent…. 'WTF, mate?!?'  This time they promptly reply and say 'FIRE Z'MISSLES'… or "No, that is only good for the print version.

So let me get this straight…. 

For $5 more per month, they don't have to send me socks, they don't have to send me a magazine 14 times a year, I can only read it in paper that my dog will probably eat?  

Tell you what, +VeloNews com , +Neal Rogers , +Matthew Beaudin and +VeloNews if you can figure out a way to make this all make sense to me – why I should pay more to save you money and not wear my socks … I'll take this down and tweet "@velonews rawks my socks" every day for a month, Until then …. this is just #STUPID  


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