I went out to re-trace last tuesday's steps without an insane record attempt in the first two miles.  Overall average about 35 seconds PER MILE faster for 5 miles.  Last mile – a minute faster and I had more for mile four!  

Pacing is an art – i'm learning!  RAGE ON!


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Repeat of last Tuesday – only controlled! – Scott P.’s 4.9 mile run
Scott ran 4.9 miles that included the Out the back door segment and the Four Tenths Loop segment.

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Why 44?

People often ask "what is your favorite number?" and I say 44… it is and it has been since 1983.  This photo shows you why!

Back in 1982 and 1983, the Chesapeake Wheelmen held a time trial in Crofton, Maryland ever Tuesday night.  Had to be Tuesday – so as not to compete with Greenbelt!  Well, for those of us who were members and did it all the time – we got these cool – cloth numbers.  I still have it (obviously). 

As I progressed in my cycling career and raced at Greenbelt – I begged for the number 44 – so I could use this number.  When I moved to Colorado Springs and raced track for years – I begged to be number 44.  I was granted my wish.  The same has held true in Atlanta at the velodrome.  Based on statistics I have made up in my head, I am fairly certain that I hold the world record for the number of races raced with the #44 pinned on.  Go ahead, prove me wrong!  I'll make up some more statistics! 

There are a lot of memories tied to that number… not just the number 44, but the cloth number shown below.  It's lived 30 years in my possession!  That is really pretty crazy!

BTW – I used to race a 10 mile time trial weekly, all summer long.  I think I've ridden 5 since 1983.  Timed events are the devil!


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Strange things thought while running

I honestly can not bring myself to admit I "like" running. I just really don't ever get that"Man, I sure am happy I am running" feeling. That being said, I keep going back for more (and more (and more)).

Yesterday, I was out running. I went for what was going to be 6-8 flat and fast miles. (Not sure why I am combining speed with long distance when my longest run was 5.5 miles prior to this one, but hey…. I was doing it). I couldn't get the speed up to where I wanted it. My legs were just angry about something, but I kept going.

I think a lot of thoughts about a lot of things, while running. When will I turn around? Will I have to walk? If I run THIS far out, will I be okay going back? What is for dinner? Crazy stuff in my brain cell!

Anyway… I decided to turn around at 40 minutes – but was close enough to 4 miles, I decided to endure and go for a full 8. 80 minutes wasn't enough… 86 would be good, right?

So … I hit about mile 7 and was thinking "Why the hell did I go that far? That was stupid…. maybe I should find a half marathon to run?" SERIOUSLY? You are tired, your legs hurt, you don't even feel like finishing the 8 miles you have on the table today and your brain's next logical thought is …. lets' add another 5.1 to this run?

Who knows, maybe I will… in 2 weeks – 10, in 4 weeks 12, in 6 weeks it's half time? (wait…) The problem is i'm heavier than I want to be and my time would likely be slower than my previous 2 halfs…. and that would make me grumpy.

Anyways…. I just thought I'd open the door into my world of wacko!


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