Why 44?

People often ask "what is your favorite number?" and I say 44… it is and it has been since 1983.  This photo shows you why!

Back in 1982 and 1983, the Chesapeake Wheelmen held a time trial in Crofton, Maryland ever Tuesday night.  Had to be Tuesday – so as not to compete with Greenbelt!  Well, for those of us who were members and did it all the time – we got these cool – cloth numbers.  I still have it (obviously). 

As I progressed in my cycling career and raced at Greenbelt – I begged for the number 44 – so I could use this number.  When I moved to Colorado Springs and raced track for years – I begged to be number 44.  I was granted my wish.  The same has held true in Atlanta at the velodrome.  Based on statistics I have made up in my head, I am fairly certain that I hold the world record for the number of races raced with the #44 pinned on.  Go ahead, prove me wrong!  I'll make up some more statistics! 

There are a lot of memories tied to that number… not just the number 44, but the cloth number shown below.  It's lived 30 years in my possession!  That is really pretty crazy!

BTW – I used to race a 10 mile time trial weekly, all summer long.  I think I've ridden 5 since 1983.  Timed events are the devil!


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