Real Life Story

I got a cool little bluetooth gadget that allows me to stream music through my phone directly into my car stereo and come out my factory installed speakers.  (Google:  USA Spec BT35 to see if you can do this – it's super cool if you don't have the technology already!)  Anyway – So I have been streaming Pandora and really enjoying hearing some old favorites that I haven't heard in a while.  It's been a lot of fun!

The other day, I was taking the boys to school and some random 80s song was on.  Being the winner of several air guitar contests in my day, I was assisting the lead singer by bellowing out my harmonious rendition of the song.  I do love driving down the road singing!

All of the sudden out of the back seat I hear "Daddy, I like this song a lot …. and I love you… but I would really rather hear them sing it than you!"  

Speechless…. Max is HILARIOUS!


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4 thoughts on “Real Life Story”

  1. Very Cool!

    I found a great Bluetooth device a few years ago for a family member.  It allowed all the regular cordless phones in their house to route outbound calls either out on the landline or over Bluetooth and out over their cell phone line.

    THat way they could set their phone in the one place in the house that gets good signal.  ANd just leave the cell phone there.  Then use the hosue cordless handsets to make cell calls from anywhere on the property.

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