I'm Back

So – as some of you know, in my spare time I like to indulge in bicycle track racing.  Racing on a velodrome is an activity I truly love.  The speed, the pure raw power, leg speed, tactical stuff – it's like the last 5 laps of every criterium … every race!  That said – for any number of reasons, I last raced on 8/24/2011.  That's a LONG freeking time ago!

As I've posted – I've been losing weight, working out, having fun and feeling healthier.  In previous years I would have questioned my fitness.  Is Scott ready for a race?  Well – you know what, if I wait for ANYTHING in my life to be perfect, it's never going to happen – so I decided to kit up and give it a go!  Last night I put Wilson in the car for the second week in a row and headed down to the Dick Lane Velodrome. 

It was a strange night … we started warming up at 94 degrees.  After two hours of racing it was down to 91.  That's French for Scott sweat more than anybody believed possible!  Unbelievable.  Anyway… it was Hoppy's "How to kill the guy who hasn't raced in almost 2 years night".  We had a 20 lap "short race", a 30 lap madison and a 40 lap points race.  90 laps of racing on my first night back.  Sure, let's do this.

The scratch race went well.  I surprised myself (and I think a few others) but surfing the field for the entirety of the race.  The madison – well, my partner and I had GREAT exchanges.  It was awesome.  Unfortunately – we both lacked a little staying power and we finished…. The points race – one word describes it.  DETONATION!  I had 72 laps of racing in my legs last night… unfortunately, I still had 18 to go.  I finished, as I never quit (key to finishing first is first finishing) but I was smoked.

I jokingly told Hoppy (Velodrome Director guy) I needed a shout out on twitter…. he graciously did so and linked my results:


So there you go… 1st night back, scored a point and got 8th place in the Omnium.  I'm completely happy with my performance and results.  The support I got from my my girlfriend and friends at the velodrome was awesome.  Lots of comments about "Wait, where is your microphone….oh, your bike!  Great"  

I love racing… I look forward to doing it over and over and over again!  I'm back!  That had to be my best "first race of the year" in a long time – if not ever.  Let me shed another 20 and actually TRAIN… I'll be blowing stuff up and loving life!  


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2013-06-12 :: Wednesday Racing – Marathon Night : B/C Category (results). Place: 8, Event: Omnium Total, Pts: 1. Place: 6, Event: 30 Lap Madison, Pts: 1. 2011-08-24 :: Wednesday Night Racing : B Category (results). Place: 4, Event: Omnium Total, Pts: 5. Place: 7, Event: Win and In, Pts: 0 …

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