So this year has been a crazy one.  Some of you know the details.  I shared about a rough experience back in April.  To make a long story short – the day after I turned 45 I was too fat to ride a roller coaster I have ridden many times.  Yeah, I let myself fall apart.


In the days and months  following that event in my life, I've made some really positive changes.  The include walking, running, biking and eating better.  I've not been perfect, but I've been logging my food and my weight is way down (compared to my birthday).  

I said I was not going to give it a go until I was sub 250.  Well – I'm sub 250 – putting my weight loss at about 43 ish pounds. +Cindy Williams asked what we were going to do last weekend and suggested a trip back to Six Flags.  I was excited but terrified.  I don't know that I was really prepared for failure, but I'm learning to just walk through my fear.  I mean – what kind of jackass will go 45 mph around a curve on a bicycle or race on a 35 degree banked tracks without brakes – but is affraid to man up and ride a roller coaster?  I didn't want it to be me … I thought I would be fine…. but I was scared inside.

We got on … I insisted on front car.  Cindy gave me my choice of inside or outside … we got on and they "locked us in".  They pushed on each and I got 1 more click.  NICE!  I think this will be a go!

"Scan your areas… areas scanned!  Prepare for departure" 

My arms went straight up and I knew I had slayed Goliath.

Now – I think people 3 states away heard me!  I was going crazy.  I got to the top of the first drop and got nervous and almost held on but said NO WAY!  This one was mine!  I hooted, I hollered…. 

One day at a time – my dream is coming true!  I'll be in Onderland someday – and the journey will be the best part!

Thanks for listening!  

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What a difference 1 month makes! Take 2

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3 thoughts on “Goliath”

  1. My personal keys to weight loss are simple. 

    1)  Eat less
    2)  Eat healthier
    3)  Workout 
    4)  Track EVERYTHING you do/eat.  
    5)  If you "get" 1000 calories for a ride, dont think you really did … you can eat a little more but not 1000….. just my experience.
    6)  Quit soda (diet or regular)

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