Back in the Saddle Again 

Well, not really so much the saddle – but I was back down at the Dick Lane Velodrome again this weekend.  Last time I did some laps, hand slings and re-kindled my love affair with 'Wilson'.  I actually think Wilson may be up for a name change soon – more on that later!

Anyway – it was the Ethic, Inc Keirin and fun was had by all … when it wasn't raining.  here is one of the preliminary heats that ultimately led to the rain.  If you look up on the tower, you can see me calling the game.  Two Tone, Wayne, Thomas… all getting ready to unleash furious speed and head for the line!

We will be back in July for the Omnium – which is a fun, but tiring event!  Come see the riders do just about everything on a bicycle!  It's a lot of fun.  I'll be there – from my tower!  


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