I figured it out!

I use a cool tool, written by +Daniel Treadwell called Google+Blog.  It takes posts that I put the hashtag #blogit  in and post them on my blog – www.scottpatton.com.

Recently, I noticed a lot of the blog posts were getting "corrupted" or disappearing from Google+.  I couldn't figure out why – I was not deleting any posts from +Google+ – I don't post anything worthy of a content violation – I post random crap about me … my life and a few friends.  Yeah, i'm boring.  

Anyway after a lot of tinkering, goofing and trial and error – I've figured out a) when it started b) why it is happening c) the solution… 

All of the "deleted posts" contained PHOTOS… Google changed how they handle photos and took them from "Instant Upload" and moved them to "Auto Backup".  Then they added all of their self-proclaimed "awesome" featured and provided us with the "Featured" view of our photos because they perceived a need for that.  *THIS* was the beginning of the problem.

I had Instant Upload on … and subsequently it became Auto Upload.  Great, fine, awesome.  Except I don't want to keep all of my stupid pictures online.  I delete them.  If you delete them from "Auto Backup" – which is a PRIVATE view only you can see, they leave there.  If you have shared them – they still exist in "Photos from Posts" or the album you shared them in.  If you SHARE them and make a POST and then DELETE them from the "Photos from Post" album – you orphan your blog post.  Google+ just doesn't show it, but the blog – pointing back to a now deleted post – renders it incorrectly.

Well, +Google did provide a "Trash" folder, you can restore them and everything works out.  

Now – most of you are like what is he talking about and probably don't syndicate various posts to a blog so none of this will matter.  Hell, all 4 of my blog readers probably don't care – but I don't like broken computers – and now I understand and by just deleting things from the right place, I can avoid this issue… so I learned and now I told you about it.  

If you made it this far…. i'm surpised!

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Scott cycles…
So – as you may recall, on Wednesday nights, I do this thing where I sit in a lot of traffic, listen to Rage Against the Machine at insane volumes and get to the velodrome all jacked up on adrenalin and sometimes 5 hour energy… Yup, then I race and sweat a lot! Tonight was no different…

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