One Meal – One Workout

Here we go again… one meal one workout…

Anybody who has followed my blog, twitter or google+ for any amount of time knows I struggle with weight.  I’ve been struggling a lot lately and unable to really make much progress.  I had a great run in November into December, but then Christmas cookies destroyed me.  I’ve not been able to get going again.  I thought about trying to run this, ride that, setting some long term goal but then I just feel like I’m going to fail again and then I will be mad.  LITERALLY … this morning, I thought “I need to do SOMETHING … but what?” … well, here came an answer!

I am running the Sweet Tea 5k this weekend, and I got an email from the organizer.  +Chad Bragg  said “that is the 1 meal 1 workout guy” and I said “wut?”… well, after some research, I found Aaron’s blog and it just seems like something I can do.  In his blog he says “No more procrastination, start now!”  Done – there we go.

Expect failure, setbacks, struggles, whining blog posts… but i’m on it!  I’ve ALWAYS done my best when I blog/write about it more – so … you can expect some more activity.

Ironically … this is basically exactly what Alcoholics Anonymous taught me, just on a more micro scale.  One day at a time, I’ve stayed sober for almost 28 years… One meal at a time….


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1 Meal – 1 Workout

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2 thoughts on “ One Meal – One Workout”

  1. Scott, that is what I do. I weigh less now than six months ago (but am in worse physical shape, muscles weigh more). However, this body is getting better. One meal at a time, one workout a day. In this, alert decisions when buying, making, and eating all food. And lastly, water it down with water before, during, and after every sitting. One last thing that hopefully Alcoholics Anonymous taught you too, and it sounds like it did, keep a support circle.

  2. Woohoo, great to see you blogging again. I recently hit my highest weight in years but I’m slowly starting to go back down. One day at a time.

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