Quick Wash – yeah right

So my motorcycle really was dirty so I decided to give it a quick wash.  So warm, so nice – let's do this!  Well, I did wash the whole bike and she looks really good – but I noticed something.  My exhaust seemed 'loose'.  I take a look and realize the joint between my "slip-on" and the bike is loose.  I try to snug it up and break the bolt.  So much for a quick wash, eh?

I head over to AutoZone see what I can patch the bike together with.  I then think … Hey, maybe MSP is still open.  They are.  Awesome – maybe the MOTORCYCLE shop has MOTORCYCLE parts.  

I show him my broken pipe clamp and say "do you have something like this".  He says nothing … walks out, walks back in and says "This is like that".  Hands me a "gently used" part.  He says "you can have it".  Wow… cool!  

I need some advice on making it a bit tighter…. fancy asbestos tape? silicone? Nah – he says go have a beer and use the can to shim it out!  Well, not being a drinker – I grabbed a can of diet coke on the way home and my motorcycle is better than when I started!  

I love that shop – great prices! INCREDIBLE service, willing to help and not try to get rich of something small like this!  If you are in the #ATL  – you should DEFINITELY check them out!


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MSP Cycles | Metro Atlanta’s longest running motorcycle repair shop. Est 2004.
Welcome to MSP Cycle! We are the only full service shop I.T.P. (Inside the Perimeter) run by professionals with over 60 years combined experience in the motorcycle industry and are ready to handle all of your maintenance and tuning needs. High performance sportbike setup is our specialty but we …

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