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When riding a motorcycle, you need to wear boots for protections.   Your feet are hanging down and out in the open, so a good pair of boots is critical.  You also, on occasion get caught in the rain and keeping your little piggies dry is quite important.  Having feet that are really weird shaped makes buying boots tricky.  I needed some boots and found the "Velocitor Waterproof".  Great, lets try them.  

I loved these boots!  $150, waterproof and ULTRA comfortable.  I don't find that often.  A string of events brought me to the the Bates website.  I read the reviews of my favorite boots, but they weren't good reviews.  I was actually – oddly – sad.  But my boots were good… until about two weeks ago.  I found the sole ripping.  Well, for every bad review – there was a reply "Please call our toll free number and see if we can help."  Well, rather than post, wait for them to reply, I just called!

I was greeted by and "on-shore" employee who was extremely helpful.  (Please note – the easy to speak to on-shore employees added great value to this process!) We worked out a plan to get me some moderately upgraded boots and get them quickly.  SWEET!  

Unfortunately, the pair that I picked had a composite toe – something I just don't need and that makes my hard to fit feet very uncomfortable.  Crap – what have I done?!?!

I contacted Bates – again and they were a little reluctant as re-returns goes against their policy, but they did issue me a new RA and about 3 days later, my new boots arrived!  The new ones are Gore-Tex lined and seem like a MUCH better boot – AND …. They fit GREAT!

Thanks to the support folks at Bates Footwear.  It's great to have good support – something that seems to be going away in this day and age!


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