Sknny Rules

So On 11/2 I started Bob Harper's Skinny Rules in an effort to reduce my mass (lose weight).  It's been almost 4 weeks and I thought I would take a minute and grade my effort.  Kinda like in school, except not to much or something.  These are non-negotiable rules… well, I negotiated.

Rule #1 – Drink a large glass of water before ever meal – no excuse!  
C+ – I need to work on this.  I simply forget.  I don't eat specific meals during the day very often.  I forget when cooking … breakfast I've done pretty well.

Rule #2:  Don't drink your calories.  
A- – I average about 75-100 calories a day on creamer/cream in my coffee.  It's something I truly love – my morning coffee.

Rule #3:  Eat protein at every meal
A – I've done VERY well with this – I was originally worried that I would not be able to hit the protein goal but I've had little problem.

Rule #4: Slash your intake of refined flours and grains
B+ – I don't eat much bread any more, I've tried to stay away.  I've had some – here and there, but not much at all. 

Rule #5:  Eat 30-50 grams of fiber a day
D – I haven't been tracking or worrying about this.  I've failed.

Rule #6:  Eat apples and berries every day
A- – I've had one or the other just about every day, but not always both.  It's hard to keep berries in stock, they are pricey and go bad fast.  Bob suggests frozen – that doesn't work out well for me.  Eaten a lot of apples.

Rule 7:  No carbs after lunch
C – I don't get this one – I need to re-read the chapter because even broccoli has carbs.  I've had ZERO pasta this month.

Rule 8:  Learn to read food labels.
B- I read some, but not enough.  I'm trying.  Just not thinking all that much.

Rule 9:  Stop guessing about portion size and get it right, for good
C – See – here is where I get really confused.  If I eat X, Y and Z and eat the right portion sizes – I'd be at like 1000-1200 calories which just isn't enough for me to live.  Also, he is telling me to get 125+ grams of protein a day.  If a 4 oz chicken breast has 26 grams, but I have to stick to 4 oz, how am I going to get to 125/day?  I've eaten bigger portions of the right things – so maybe i am grading myself to hard.

Rule 10:  No more added sweeteners
B- I'm not going to lie, I put splenda in my coffee.  I will likely not change.  That being said – I have basically QUIT all diet sodas.  My beverage selection has basically been water … water…. water… 

Rule 11:  Get rid of white potatoes
A – haven't had many.  A couple chucks in some vegetable soup.

Rule 12:  Make one day a week meatless
F – Haven't tried.  I'm not that smart.

Rule 13:  Get rid of fast food and fried foods
A – I really don't recall eating much fried food and I dont eat fast food.  

Rule 14:  Eat a real breakfast
A+  I've really tried to rock this one.

Rule 15:  Make your own food and eat at least 10 meals a week at home
A+  We have averaged eating out 1-2 time/week.  I've made 7 breakfasts a week, 6 dinners and packed my lunch every day.

Rule 16:  Banish high salt foods
A – I've been pretty good on this.

Rule 17:  Eat your veggies 
A – I feel like a freekin rabbit some days.  I've been eating a lot more.

Rule 18:  Go to bed hungry
A – Yeah – I really have been.  

Rule 19:  Sleep right
C – not so much.  I'm a night owl.  Very hard for me

Rule 20:  Plan one splurge meal per week
A-  I give myself an A- on this because one week, we didn't plan.  We did have one, but we left it to chance.  I think its better to DESIGNATE it and EXECUTE than wait until the last minute.  

So – in summary, adding it all up and calculating it out like I would a report card, I'm looking at about a 3.165.  I'm not happy with that.  That's a B.  I wish I could say I was earning an A and I will continue to try.  Ultimately – I thank +Cindy Patton for working with me on this and hope we keep it going.  Reading and reviewing the rules has helped me get my mind back in the right place.  Maybe you actually read this far…. who knows!


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Why do I have poor cell service at big events?

I've been to a number of large events (60,000+ person football games, 18,000+ person concerts). I sit there with 4 bars, phone saying it's getting 4g LTE service, but stuff I do all the time SUCKS! I can txt without issue, but post a picture on G+ or simply refresh my Home screen, navigate the web, search… just takes forever. POSTING anything seems extremely delayed.

I have two theories – either may actually be right or wrong:

1) It's simply a resource issue. The closest tower can't handle an influx of 5000+ connected devices and we are in contention for resources. If I get 20mb service, split that 4000 ways…. I am getting pretty slow.

2) The junior conspiracy theorist in me comes up with the next… The NFL and people putting on concerts don't want me streaming the game live and/or using their content without their express written consent. Verizon has worked to limit the photo/video traffic at these event.

In typing this and thinking a little more, I'm kind of leaning towards option #1.

Either way – do others experience this? Just curious. As you know, I'm a thoughtful guy, I think a lot of thoughts about a lot of things!


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