Verizon Wireless = Idiots

This may be a bit confusing – but it’s got me worked into a lather. I have a nice phone (LG enV2). Not great, but nice. I like it. Does text, email, crappy camera like every other phone out there – but it works. I don’t want to have to replace it. I live in Georgia – where it’s humid and rains a lot. Much like tornadoes to trailer parks, rain seems to be attracted to my bike rides.

I used to use a very good phone for rain, sweat, etc… the Verizon g’zOne. I still have the phone. Verizon has a new feature that allows you to “quickly change phones”. Awesome! I’m down with that! I can use my waterproof phone when I am riding, I can switch back to my other phone when I am not. NICE!

Nope… apparently may old phone is not compatible with my “plan”. WTF? The guy says the following features will not work on my old phone: “Unlimited text, unlimited web, get it now and vCast”. I said “I want to have a phone turned on that wont get ruined if it rains”. He says “We cant allow you to have a phone that wont send unlimited text messages”. HUH??? I used to text all the time with this phone. “No sir, you can not have unlimited web on that phone”. “Yes, I can … I used to for $5 a month”. This perplexed him… “Well, your phone doesn’t have the capability to work on this plan.” You can see where this is going.

A simple phone could cost them money from me every month and they wont let me use it. ID-TEN-T. Why not just tell me “You wont be able to use these features properly.”

Oh well, back to putting my phone in a plastic bag.

They may have the best network – but they are pretty stupid when it comes to simple things.

I’m a Yoga Master!

The Yoga Master!
The Yoga Master!

Well, that’s what the Wii told me! No lie, my big clumsy self was called a “Yoga Master”.  I was pretty much shocked.  About 10 seconds after this picture was taken, I fell over … I did better on my right leg than I did on my left.

When I heard the camera, I figured – whoa…. this is going to be a bad photo, but when I saw it – I wasn’t really proud as my belt is accentuating my fat roll, my “yoga attire” is a little redneck (okay – a lot redneck?) and I didn’t have a shirt on but thing is… i’m almost a small bit happy about it.  I mean, you can actually even see muscles in my back.  I didn’t really even think I had any of those.

To sort this all out for you … we were playing with the Wii Fit and we decided to try the Yoga poses.  I will get a few photos of Sarah doing them tomorrow 😉

Now… as a guy on TV just “Nuts? You’re going to love my nuts!” I do believe I should sign off before I get in trouble! – about 48 seconds in … listen carefully! – another fun twist!

Finding my form

Last night was a good night at the track.  Not my best – I think I could have done a few things better – but I was impressed with a few things.  The first was in the the “Wheel Race Qualifier” aka – five lap scratch.  I rode really smart – made a mistake – recovered from it and managed to qualify.  The thing that impressed me was the recovery from my mistake, finding a wheel and then getting lucky at the same time (Thank’s Jeff).  A guy had me beat but he backed off a bit, rolled a little out of the sprinters lane and left the door open for me to come through underneath – without breaking any rules.  I got him at the line.  It was fun.

I was impressed with my start in the Wheel, though in the wheel, it was not a good start.  Let me explain.  In a Kilo or a Chariot race the goal is to come out of the box like you are shot out of a CANON!  In a pursuit – or a 1 mile wheel race – you need to get up to speed and roll into it a bit.  Well, I was not going to let the C’s beat out the B’s and I came out of the box like a canon shot me… as Max would say – I was off like a shot!  Well, unfortunatley, I detonated after 2 laps… OOPS!  I did help the B’s catch, and one of the B’s was in the sprint to the line, so that’s good!

I made a mistake in the points race… but that happens… Next week is madison week, and in theory dad will be watching… so that’s cool.


So I’m pondering stuff as I often do and I have come upon a random question.  In the world of cycling – other sports can chime in if the would like … how does a DNS (did not start) compare to a DNF (did not finish) compare to a DFL (dead farking last).  Now, this is a pointed question as I am pondering my poor performance last night.  I did finish a bike race (30 lap points race) but with 9 to go I came apart, lost my legs and just went backwards.  I pulled myself together over the next 4ish laps, grabbed the field when it went by and finished in the field … which was MUCH smaller than at the start.  Here are my thoughts – and I would like some feedback (blog comments, facebook, whatever … hell, call me if you want).

DNS: This one really has a lot of variables… but in my opinion, if you are at a track meeting and you don’t start one of your events for any reason other than a mechanical, I think it’s lame.  “I’m tired”, “I’m saving myself for the prom”, “I don’t have the right gear on”… man up and race your damn bike.

DNF: This one could get me in a spot-o-bother.  I’m a firm believer in “The key to finishing first is FIRST FINISHING!” I see a LOT of people on the infield way to fast.  I’ve been giving it a go for years … I think, post crash, I’ve not finished 1 race because I just threw in the towel and 2 because the officials determined I was out of contention (I was).  I look at people, like myself, who are in need of training, weight loss, general fitness who quit a 20 or 30 lap race with 10+ to go and say “Dude, sit up for a 1/2 lap and get back in!” or “Hammer it out – it will make you strong”.   I don’t advocate this behaviour if you are racing a big event, there are large crowds or large amounts of money on the line, but if it’s local racing, get your money’s worth.

DFL: So, you now know my opinions on DNF’ing… well, here is the conundrum – is it better to slog your bog and finish off the race, even if you finish DFL?  I personally hate to finish DFL, but when you see guys walking across the track – all packed up and heading home, while you are finishing – I take a little satisfaction/pride in saying “I finished”.   I look at my friend, Meatball Friedman who finished last at Paris Roubaix – but he finished the hell of the north!  That crazy cat that was racing with the “Lantern Rouge” in the tour – he got more press than Contador on several days … poor fella didn’t finish, but he tried for a long time.  They give you a prize for finishing DFL in the tour!

Really – there’s no right answer – no wrong answer and somebody will probably call me names and hate me for this, but that’s on you – not me.

Oh … and let me give you my race report from last night – I had fun, I didn’t crash, I didn’t go fast enough…. nuf said!

To many things at once!

So I sit here working all morning, waiting for some contractors to show up.  I have ONE conference call to attend all day – at 10:00 am.

At 9:45, the drywall guys show up and come in.  My dog, Sandy, is blind and doesn’t always notice things like she used to.  She also forgets people are here and barks at them later.  She wouldn’t hurt anybody, but she would bark!

At 10:10, I am on my conference call when one of the guys comes downstairs… Sandy gets startled and barks, he gets scared – so I do the next logical thing and put her in the backyard.  Life is good.

As the call runs to about 10:20 – I hear a truck in the front yard – it’s the roofers.  This is good, except they need to get in the backyard.  Not realizing Sandy is out there, they open the gate and she wanders her little blind self around a bit… She has a history of roaming – but not in her old age.

The roofers don’t so much speak English – so I am like “El Dogo?”   Not really… but you probably just laughed!

Anyway – I had to vent a bit… all is well!  Viva la Beeva!