Unicycling – it’s hard

So I got my uni back from Maryland.  I spent about 5 minutes on it last night – just cuz I had to ;-).  Today, I tried a bit in front of the house, then I came up with an idea – I would head over to Derek’s school playground.  They have a long fence and stuff … so off we went.  Max came for a jumping adventure, Derek came for a climbing adventure and Sarah came to remind the boys (all three of us) to be careful.

I tried various things to hold onto and feel as if I am making some progress.  I was able to mount the unicycle pretty easily today.  Get up on it  … wiggle around a bit … keep it upright and not fall on my you know what.  I did one fall that landed me on the ground, but no injury.  The fun/excitement came when I was able to ride form one “thing” to another “thing” that was about 3-4 feet apart.  I’d love to tell you how easy it was, or that I was totally in control but the simple fact of the matter is that – well – I got kinda lucky.  That is however, about 2 feet more luck than I had the other day – so that’s good?

The neat thing is I realized the playground is really a great playground for a unicycle… lots of things for me to hang onto, flat grass area to ride on (when it’s not wet) and ultimately, a running track to work on my “distance riding” once I get some more skills.

I don’t remember learning to ride a bicycle, but I will tell you this is pretty hard… I hope to get going soon!