Today – I am lucky

I was driving to work today, minding my own business, much like every other day. I was a bit later than usual so I was going into the sun and it was BRIGHT!

At one point, tractor-trailer had make a turn and slowed down a cop. He jump4ed behind me and was behind me for a long time. Of course, you mind races – are my tags current? Did I do anything wrong? Am I speeding? No .. no… no… okay… he turns off. We can relax.

Looking under my sun visor, being careful… rolling a long at 35ish mph… i drop down a bit too late and realize RED LIGHT! As I see that I see a cop sitting at the gas station about 20 yards down the road. Toasted … if I lock up the brakes I will MAYBE stop in the intersection… i’m busted. THIS SUCKS… oh but wait… as I roll past the officer I realize he is talking on a cell phone looking forward. Now, I have to focus on my rear view mirror for a second to see where I should pull over. He’s not coming! HE’S NOT COMING! OMG! I am in shock. I roll along with my hands in the 10-2 hand position waiting… but he doesn’t come! The car that was waiting for a green light pulls out … catches and passes me.

I think I am going to buy a lottery ticket or something! Oy-chi-wow-ah!