STOP – it’s the LAW….

Okay, so typically something in my life happens and I say “I should blog about that, but then I forget and then I don’t do it.. but right now, I have to.

Ladies and gentleman – when the red lights on a school bus are flashing – you are required, by law to STOP! I don’t give a rat’s if your boss will be mad if you are late, if you are having a bad day … there are KIDS walking around and they don’t pay attention to anything … they are in a daze!

Now… I did have question about something – so I asked police officer (2 of them actually). *IF* you are on a divided highway/road and there is NO WAY for you to drive to where the other side of the street (if there is a divider, curb or other traffic control device) you do not have to stop. I don’t care if you are 7 lanes away – if there isn’t a divider – the law says STOP YOUR CAR AND WAIT!

You are really going to hate yourself when you run over a kid passing a stopped school bus…

Seriously – it’s a simple law…. red flashing lights on a big yellow bus – STOP!

Thanks for listening. Hopefully all 7 of my blog readers are already stoppers, if not, start being one…