Saturn has another ring!

On my way to work, I heard some great news. Scientist have found a new ring around Saturn! This is unbelievable! What would we do without this knowledge? Apparently is is SO BIG it could hold millions or billions earths! WOW! Let’s hope we don’t get stuck there! I’ll… um… try not to?

This is almost as earth shattering as them declaring Pluto is not a planet.

Wait… reality just kicked in. WHO CARES??? Pluto was a planet for years, now it’s not! OH NO! Does Pluto care? NO! Does it change my life? your life? I doubt not!

How much money was spent to find this ring or make Pluto the ball formally knows as a planet? We can figure out Pluto is not a planet but we cant deliver enough swine flu vaccine to the masses fast enough?

Alright – I just had to vent. I’m going planet shopping …