I’m fat again – but back on track

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve gained 10 pounds as of this morning. Given I had a high sodium dinner last night – w/red meat too – I’m guessing that it will drop reasonably fast, but alas – i’m back to being obese and opening up a can of whoop-ass on my arse – again.

I’m grateful that I caught it, grabbed by the horns and turned it around. I have my work (still) cut out for me, but I’m shooting for 210 or less by the end of the year (17 pounds from where I am now. My neighbor has me looking at some new workout program – 12 minutes a day, that supposedly helps to spike the metabolism and do other great things for you. I don’t think its the end all of my issues – but I SERIOUSLY need a new spark. Without a track race until April – I need some fuel for my fire.

I’ve got some other stuff running through my brain that will help!


I’m going crazy w/my motivation.  Gotta roll it!  I want to be skinny more than I want my kryptonite!  (Smarties, Nerds, Mexican, Fries…)

Say it....
Say it....