It’s not RIGHT … it’s not ok!

So … as I mentioned the other day, I was using my LiveSTRONG bracelet as a reminder of my bigger mission – my newly renewed focus on weight loss/fitness/health.  #FAIL… it’s not the bracelet’s fault – it’s MY FAULT.  You see – I cant wear anything on my right wrist.  It bugs me, I notice it, it annoys me… I was wearing it on my LEFT wrist which I am cool with.  I dont notice a watch or bracelet unless I’m typing or something.  I don’t eat with my left hand.  (See the problem here?)

Yeah… running it lefty – I didn’t even notice my reminder!  Sarah even said, last night, as I dipped into a bowl of candy corns… “REMEMBER YOUR BRACELET!” … I was like “WTF, Mate?”

So… I’ve moved it to the right wrist.  I will see it with every bite of food!

There you go!  The small changes in life… or some such thing!