“Sometimes people in my profession piss me off!”

“Why can’t they just do their job right?”.

These are two quotes from my Dentist this morning.  Now, I REALLY like my dentist, but this isn’t so much what you want to hear after he has just removed your tooth (well, crown).

Turns out, the dentist that put my crown in, about 15+ years ago didn’t prepare the tooth properly and/or put the post in properly.  What does that mean in English?   I now have to have a post – which is currently embedded in my skull – removed.  I am not really sure how that happens, but it can’t be a lot of fun.

Kids – brush your teeth a lot.  More than you think you need to and whatever you do, don’t play Atari with your sister … and if you do, give her a turn!

Trust me on all of this….