What is Max Fit and why am I talking about it?

MaxFit is a program that my neighbor introduced me too.  It is a new exercise program, put together by a local chiropractor.   It’s a 90 day program, where you work out 12 minutes a day – 6 days a week, for 90 days.  It’s a full body fitness program that is being developed to eventually market.  We are currently in the 4th test group.  We get access to the secret videos and get to do all kinds of crazy workouts.  It’s impressive.  I’m looking forward to seeing what it does for me over the next 90 days.  If nothing else, during the “off-season” it’s giving me the opportunity to work on things I don’t work on.  Upper body, Core, stabilizers… all that jazz.   It’s similar in many ways to P90x, but much shorter.  Muscle confusion, high intensity … etc… We will see!

MaxFit Day 1 Update:

Yesterday we started.  Trying to be able to move my arms today, I did everything to curb my excitement and I think I did it well.  My arms/shoulders and lower core are a bit sore, but overall – day 1 was good.  I didn’t do anything to exhaustion – and I used lighter than expected weights.  I felt a bit like a wuss on some stuff.  Today is legs.  I’m curious how that will go.

In addition – I am riding again!  Yesterday I rode my bike for the first time in many moons (at least 1 moon?)  Not so much fast.  Not so much strong any more – but it will come back, I’m fairly certain.  I gained back some weight, I took some time off – but this time it was semi-planned.   I’m not worried too much about it.  In 3-4 weeks I will be back on top of my game.

Time to work … just jumped out of my mental box and thought I would update my adoring fan – whoever that is!

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  1. I am doing MaxFit also I am on the 11th day and I am sore in place I have never been before. This is a total body workout, never the same exercise. I too am curious to see what changes I will see in 90 days. Good Luck.

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