This is public… forever!

Through the years, I have posted many things on the internet.  I’ve never posted anything on “internets”… there is only one internet.  (Sorry, i’ve been seeing even technical people use “the internets” lately, its incorrect.  There are intranets… but only one internet…. we digress!)  Over the years, I’ve vented, expressed great discontent with various products, services, people, situations and other oddities in life.  As a matter of fact, sometimes I don’t even recall exactly what I wrote.  I do sometimes us a personal filter and not post things I think might come back to “haunt me”.  This week, I realized how important that can be!

I was in the middle of a phone interview with a potential employer when an interesting question came up – “Why should this guy win a Darwin award?”  I was confused – and asked for some more information.  “Could you give me a little more context on that question?”  There is a picture on your website – you asked if he should win a Darwin award.  Wow – ok – what did I write?  Thankfully, I do apply my personal filter to my blog – so I wasn’t too scared – but what is out there?

Well – I’ve scanned back almost a year, looking at the things I have written.  I don’t see anything I’m ashamed of.  The thing is – it’s right out there – on a daily basis.  Anybody can find it.  I’ve made sure I never complain about my customers at work, I’ve made sure I didn’t use profanity (well, excess profanity), I’ve kept it focussed on experiences in my life – and for that I was grateful.

Back in the day, if you did something – people might write a book about it and if somebody read the book – they might realize it was YOU!  Today – if you do something – and somebody writes about it, posts a picture, blogs, tweets are electronically stored and linked in so many places it will probably just about blow your mind!

You will not be “forgotten”….  While I didn’t get hurt by my actions – as I’ve done nothing wrong, they have been reviewed by people – I know this for fact!