Sirius XM – you just cost yourself money – #FAIL

Sirius and XM – while being the same company, are operating completely separate from each other.  This is REALLY stupid and will, in my opinion end up costing them much money.

They now offer a cool product (I wont name it, as I don’t want google to think I said anything nice about it) but it allows you to use an iPhone or an iPod touch to control your Satellite radio.  Nice!  I would LOVE this for my car.  But here is the problem… I have a Sirius subscription – 1 lifetime, one monthly.  I could use XM or Sirius and be fine.  I don’t much care.  The thing is – with additional radios – on an existing plan, they are 1/2 price.  In order to use this XM device, I have to pony up double the money.  #FAIL!  You guys are in fact the same company.  Combine systems and get it over with.

On top of all of that – after speaking to representatives from both companies on the phone, I am certain their phone support is off shore.  It *ALMOST* makes me want to cancel my subscription – but … I do enjoy the music and lack of commercials.