A new beginning

As with every new year, we all have a new beginning.  In many ways, it’s just another day, in others – it’s a new year.  A chance to “start over” a chance to do things a little but different than we have in the past.  For me – it’s a bit more of a new beginning this year.  As most of you know – tomorrow I start a new job.  It’s exciting.  It’s new. It’s scary.  It’s weird.  I don’t know where I “sit”.  I don’t know any of my co-workers.  I have to learn new names, learn new systems, get on top of my game as fast as possible.  I have to learn who is the chatty cathy – who is the smart guy, who doesn’t talk, who come in early, who comes in late… I have to re-prove myself.  One side of me loves the challenge – the other wonders what it will take.  All of this stuff is rushing through my head – it’s crazy!

Tomorrow starts with an orientation then off to the new job.  It will be different, that is for sure!  I will get to go past my old building twice.  I think I will call Mowgli and test the phenomenon!

One thought on “A new beginning”

  1. Best of Luck to you, Scott – in what has to be called Pattongonian style, you have tackled the biggest mountains of 2009 – I am sure you will climb higher in 2010!

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