It’s that time of year again

By now – my 3 blog fans have figured out that sometime in the winter (or spring) I get may big arse in gear.  I get angry about my weight gain from last year and go on the offensive.  This leads to a lot of posts about weight loss, progress, training, etc…. well.  It’s that time of year again!

The good news is – much like last year, I’m not starting off as heavy as I did the year before.  Additionally – I didn’t have the month long back injury in 2009 that I did in 2008.  I’m feeling a little bit better than I did last year after my first workout.  Part of that is less weight, part of that may be my MaxFit stuff I did not that long ago.  Regardless – I’m doing better and am lighter.

The first thing I need to do is lose weight, the second thing I need to do is get ready for my assault on the Peachtree Roadrace.  I’m in!  My goal for the year is to break an hour.  I ran for the first time yesterday and I plan on running all they way until July 4th.  Will I?  Who knows.  There are some other factors in life, like my addiction to 2 wheeled speed, that may affect my funky strided running career – but the goal exists and I plan on achieving it!

Many of you watch the Biggest Loser.  You know those little things they all wear on their arms? They are called the “BodyBugg”.  They track your caloric burn for the day.  That coupled with accurate caloric tracking can help somebody to figure out how many calories they NEED, how many they over ate or under ate.  I got a great deal on one (Costco – $179 w/1 year online access which is $20 cheaper and 6 months longer than other places).  I’m going to give it a try and see how it works.  I’m pretty excited.  It will show me how many calories per minutes I am burning all day long.  I don’t have the wrist watch option, so I just have to download later.

First public weigh in – 2/5/2010 – See you there!