A good week

Things are picking up at work, which is good.  I don’t like being idle, I don’t like not knowing what I am doing.  My team has been tasked with a new project – not really what I was hired for, but a good project that will give us all an opportunity to get to not only know each other – but also get to know some people around and above us in the organization.

As I mentioned the other day – I am working out again.  I’ve done well this week and think I’m actually in better shape than I thought.  I ran about 2.5 miles in the wood yesterday.  The thing is, I thought it was 2 miles… it took a long time, but then I found out it was 2.5.  I’m thinking I want to try to get up early tomorrow and get in a good trail run at Kennesaw Mountain before the rain, but “early” and “rain” are two problem words.  I’ll try!

Weigh in – i’m not going public with the number until the beginning of Feb – but I can tell you I weigh a considerable amount less than I did last Friday.  The BodyBugg can’t be given TOO much credit for it, but it is showing me a lot.  It does require some work on my part, but provides tangible feedback and helps me to understand what I’m eating, how much it “costs” and how much I am burning.  As long as I keep the burn ahead of the fuel, the weight will go down.

As sort of an ongoing review of the BodyBugg I will give a bit of feedback.  It’s VERY easy to use.  Charge it up and put it on.  It does the work.  The software it “comes” with is lame.  The content is good, the application gives you good information but it has several issues.  On one occurrence, I could not load my data from the bugg in FireFox, I had to use IE.  On the mac, you can load it using Safari – HOWEVER – you have to set it to 32 bit mode if you are running Snow Leopard.  It’s not a big deal – but they need to get on top of that.  Finally – after you load it in Safari – the browser basically craps it’s pants.  Not a huge deal, but it’s egg on the face of the product… I personally think they need to do something like MotionBased did – and have a component you can install that will pull the data and transmit it for you.  If they aren’t going to do that – i’m sure there are a bunch of competent java developers out there – they could fix this!  (The app is written in Java).  So far – I really enjoy the tool.   I look forward to getting results next week and seeing how it all shakes out.