First – a confession – I actually thought we were going to have our memorial service on Saturday – but it turns out we did it on Thursday.  Things went quite well…Everybody was sad.  We cried, we remembered how much we love that little fat fellow and put him to rest.  A sad day, but we know he is better off now.

Yesterday was Basketball day and what a day it was!  Derek continued to dominate on the defensive side of the game, throwing his hat out there on offense as well.  Hard to believe you would be on the edge of your seat for and 8 year old basketball game, but it was crazy!  They actually ended in a tie.  I kind of wish they went to overtime, but that’s not the Upward way.

Maxwell scored his first ever basket in a game.  This was huge.  He’s the youngest and the smallest kid on his team and he really wants to be big.  He got the ball and shot it.  It sat on the back of the basket, leaning on the backboard for about 3 minutes (probably seconds, but it seemed like a long time) and then it dropped in!  I was coaching the team (which if you know me, you know how scary/bad that is for the team) so I was right there!  The crowd all cheered… so did I!  He was so happy!

Sarah and I saw Invicitus.  Her review of the movie differs greatly from mine.  I liked it ok.  I agree it was a bit slow, but overall – a good movie.  Sarah could find no socially redeeming value in the movie.  I thought it was more of a sports movie – rather a history-ish movie about Nelson Mandella and the Rugby team.  I’d recommend it – but zero stars from Sarah.

That’s about it… Oh – and apparently only a few people think I look like John Malkovich – I don’t know.