This made my day – THE CONCRETE IS LEAVING!

As many of you may recall – when I was on the 11Alive news with C0mmuter Dude we talked about some concrete on Cobb Parkway.  I’ve blogged about it.  I’ve emailed, I’ve emailed again and again!  I’ve been almost psycho about this mountain of concrete!

Today, I am on my way back from a less than average lunch ride not feeling so hot and I take a ‘wrong turn’.   I have developed a Concrete Detour to get around this pile of concrete.  As I come up the hill, I think I am seeing things.  I AM NOT!

GDOT has responded!

YES!  I stopped and asked them “Are you going to move this pile of concrete!”  One guy said “Well, we are gonna bust it all up and throw it in the truck if that’s what you meant?”  I said YES!  I explained to him how excited I was and now I had to get pictures.  I think he was pretty sure I was insane at this point and said “You cant stand here when we bust’r up!”  I said ok, took one more pic and off I went!

This is AWESOME!

Now THAT is what I am talking about!

My work here is DONE!