Paying for my fun

While there was some word this morning, it did probably help me, the trip home was much harder. First and foremost… The trip home is harder. No questions asked… It is harder. Today, most of the way, I had a flag straightening wind to the the face. Couple that with getting off work late and you have a recipe for pain and suffering. I made it in time, sort of… It all worked out, but I am smoked. Good for me!

Hap would be proud!

Some will know this, otters will not. My grandfather went by “Hap”. He was a great man. A minister, father, slow driver in the left lane and perhaps the worlds greatest at diagnosing “kneeitis”. Some of my best childhood memories are with Hap. There is not a human on earth that he would not have tried to help.

Having said all of that, Hap had some unique quirks. He lit a pipe. He never really figured out how to smoke it, but he could shoot fire out of a pipe. I thought that was cool. He also had a strange portable cauldron that he carried around. He put coffee, tea, and who knows what else in it. It was an ever evolving concoction… Anybody who ever sat in the room filling red beast know of this cup of oddity.

Scroll forward … Eh… 35 years? I have started using a similar device in my life. I have a Tervis Tumbler that I have started drinking my coffee in. Well, I learned from Hap, I am sure of this. After work, just poor some iced tea in there and keep right on going! He really was onto something!

I hope reading this helped you to remember one of the best men I ever had the privilege to know. If you didn’t know Hap, remember somebody you knew… somebody you loved! I am happy to say that Hap shaped my behaviors. I don’t see myself going 45 in the left lane lighting a pipe, but every time I fill my “sport cauldron” I will probably think about Hap!