Google – What were you thinking?

Most of you probably know, I am a big +Google+ fan. I have made it my social media hub. I've quit using Facebook and deleted my account (not just disabled). I eagerly wait for the next new feature. I'm reasonably excited about the new Communities thing, but how did +Google release such a fun feature and completely ignore their mobile users? I don't even use a computer any more. I use an +Android phone and an +Android Tablet for just about everything – doing surprisingly well using Google Drive and Google Music – but not communities.

Sorry to take a shot at the mother ship, but not updating the android (and likely iOS app) before such a big release is weak…

Please get this fixed, I still want to be friends!


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6 thoughts on “Google – What were you thinking?”

  1. Valid criticism, they did the same thing with Pages, you could not manage a Page on mobile until the last release.  I am hoping they will fix this soon.

  2. I wasn't surprised. They've done this before. Roll the change out for desktop first, then mobile later. I guess since i expected it, i wasn't upset.

  3. You took the text right out of my fingers. I was out last night and pulled G+ up on my phone just assuming that I could access the communities. I was quite disappointed. They should move quickly on this though, the communities are going to be very popular. 
    Don't feel badly about taking a shot at Google. Any good company responds to needs of its customers. They need to hear these comments.

  4. I'm in the same boat, I use an android phone and a transformer tablet at home. It annoys me that windows PC users get to use these features first and I can't use them at all (unless I change settings and use the web version). seems like they are punishing people who have fully adopted their ecosystem.

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