That. Just. Happened!

So I went out and got Butterball… my little orange demon spawn who has a very bad habit.  Butterball hasn't perfected litterboxing.  I did the tricks everybody says… if you catch him, put him in the litterbox… blah blah blah.  Putting that kitten in a litterbox was similar to putting him in a canon.  out as fast as he went in.  Not good.

I previously had some experience with 'Dr. Elsely's Cat Attract' litter ( and found that it worked VERY VERY WELL.  The cat (Dallas) was sort of trained, but lazy.  Butterball just seemed unwilling to consider this.  

I headed off and bought another litterbox, 2 bags of Cat Attract and a bottle of 'Dr. Elsley's Ultra Litter Attractant" ( and set up 2 litterboxes.  I grabbed the kitten and put her in there… YAY!  It is Christmas – a present! …. I fully expected him to exit as fast as he went in.

The next moments of my life put me nearly in shock.

1)  He stood there, looking around like he had arrived at his final destination.
2)  He began moving the litter around, little over here, little over there….
3)  He dug a hole.
4)  He took a leak.
5)  He buried it all.
6)  He jumped out and looked like a real man!  

Well… Step 6 might have been a stretch, but for a 1.5 pound cat, he is pretty proud to be a man.

Wow… That. Just. Happened!

If you had told me it would have worked that great, I would have thought "yeah, right!"

#blogit #caturday  (in Australia) 

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Cat Attract | Precious Cat Litter
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Random Ingress Observation

Since I'm not stupid enough to believe Google isn't getting SOMETHING out of #ingress, I have to question something that may be politically incorrect… but well, that's how I roll.

As I've traversed the earth hacking, deploying, and attacking portals, I've run out of #XM  numerous times.  I've needed to reload.  I zoom out and find places rich in XM.  I navigate to them and I have to say …MANY of these XM hotbeds are in the HOOD!  I found one house with bullet holes in the door and about 1000 XM right there.  Right outside my neighborhood there are 2 pretty obvious drug dealer houses and they have a TON of XM.

Is this google's way of checking to see if people with androids will risk their lives to get imaginary power against an imaginary enemy?

#resistance  is kicking ass in Marietta…. but are we all going to get shot?


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Ingress:  What on earth is going on?

Okay, so last night I was coming home and decided to go play #ingress  for a little while.  I already got my #ingressinvite .  +Joe Philley was kind enough to hook me up.  That saved +Brandon Badger from the nagging – but there has been some STRANGE stuff going on.

Anyway … back to the story.  I was driving around and finding portals.  I was doing pretty well for the
#Resistance .  I acquired a few portals, made some link.  In one case, I grabbed two portals, but ran out of resonators.  I carried on my merry way, found another portal…  I had to turn around to gain access, but I went back and hacked it. In doing so, got some resonators and decided since I was going THAT direction, I would go back and deploy them on one of my portals with no resonators.  On my way back up the hill, I see a large vehicle where I was parked acquiring a portal.  It was an ambulance.  THEN… I see a fire truck and FIVE COP CARS coming with lights on!  Thinking "Is this real?" I just carried on and told my friends at work.  They thought I was crazy.  

Since +Chad Bragg  is unable to play #ingress due to his use of apple products, he has been my driver for some of my expeditions…  We set out on our lunch break to hack/attack a portal.  We took out two resonators and went on to hack some more.  We got a bunch more XMP which we needed to complete our hostile take over of the portal and wound our way back to the original portal.  As we drive up – WOW!  Unbelievably there was an ambulance, a fire truck, a wrecked tractor trailer a car about 40 yards off the road.  There were cops everywhere!

We … because we are smart … stopped to attack that portal again.  Chad watched while I attacked.  Soon, the cops pointed at us, possibly illegally parked to Chad hauled arse out of there.  

Now, if you just read that and think "What on earth is he talking about?"  Think about how I feel?  I lived that oddity.  Is the #Enlightened  taking out the #Resistance?  Does it matter that we were in a Control Field?  How is this happening?  

Maybe somebody can throw me a couple more invites so I can enlist others to the #Resistance!

Yes… that was perhaps the strangest thing I have ever written!


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