Glitch in the matrix?

When I went to bed last night the #enlightened had a very small lead (1.5 million Mind Units) over the #resistance. (Yes, this is #Ingress speak – and code word for people). Some how or another, the Enlightened have taken over the world and several other worlds. They currently have over 642 BILLION mind units.

I am not sure there is enough #XMP to take over this level of domination. I hope and pray the #shapers are for the good…

Bah – never fear! The Resistance will rise up! (and more likely, +Google+ and +Niantic Project will call up +Brandon Badger and he will have to fix this issue!)

+Ingress is a lot of fun, but all of the "please give me a code" posts completely distract from the fun. I'm hoping this is all part of the master plan and new and exciting stuff is on the way!


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