Shout-out to @otterbox

Let me tell you a little story that will likely convince you that every penny you spend on an OtterBox is well worth it!

Last night, as we left church, Max did a great thing and put his phone on top of the car. I didn't see it – but about 1-2 miles from church I heard a thunk. It was POURING DOWN RAIN so I figured it was a stick, branch, acorn… something.

Get home, look everywhere for the phone, call it 3-4 times – everything. I call Sarah and say "Please find Max's phone" – she know I meant using Find my iPhone.

She told me the intersection it was closed to. It was still giving it's location. Max and I jumped in the car in the POURING RAIN and drove back to the scene of the crime.

In the middle of the road, I found the phone, water all over it.

The OtterBox screen is a little jacked, a few scratches – but the iPhone is in PERFECT condition.

I have an OtterBox for my Droid Incredible, Droid Razr Max, iPad, kids phones… It's the ONLY case I will use!

Thanks, OtterBox!


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  1. We bought three of the +OtterBox┬áCommuter (I think) models and all three had the hard plastic casing break within 6 months. I am glad you are having a better experience, but I will no longer buy one of their products. I hope yours continues to protect! ­čÖé

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