You give love a bad name

Now – you are all going to read the subject of this and think this is all about a broken relationship or me being mad at somebody … far from it! If you've ever hung around me for a little while you know that I am a walking bad musical waiting to happen. I can bust out a random line from a song for just about anything. I believe I contain in my insane membrane the world largest collection of random and useless information. Unfortunately, its not indexed and is rarely available to me during my Trivial Pursuit tournaments. Wait … I've never been to one of those!

Alright, I'm off track. I'm going off the rail on a crazy train let me slow my roll. The thing is, all of these lyrical quotes directly tie to situations, circumstances in my life. It may be a person, a place or a thing – anything, but they are ingrained in my self.

Who (over the age of about 35) doesn't remember when Guns n Roses came out and were cool? Take me down to the paradise city where grass is green and the girls are pretty…. I'm going to go out on a limb and say ONE of you just started singing?

How many of you still wonder if Phil Collins really saw his brother killed and and is stalking some dude? I know I can feel it coming in the air of might…. dudunt dudunt dudunt….

We all know she was a fast machine, she kept the motor clean…

What does the wheel in the sky keep on doing?

I'm fairly certain it's better to burn out than to fade away!

Who can forget my theme song? Thanks to Sir Mix A Lot, us folx with some junk in the trunk have an anthem…. I do feel bad for Becky, she had no booty, apparently!

I know when, where and how Martin Luther King Jr died. I'd love to tell you it was because of the Anne Arundel county school system, but really its' because U2 sang out… "Early morning, April 4… Shot rings out in a Memphis sky. They took your life but they could not take your pride!"

What did she cry for in the midnight hour? MORE MORE MORE!

Thankfully, Jesus took the wheel or Carrie would have never made it home for Christmas!

I've seen fire and i've seen rain! Both are beautiful in the right situation!

I may get off on a tangent now and then, but that's cuz want Nothin but a good time!

I heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who….reached down between my leg and eased my seat back!

I'm glad that Roxanne didn't have to put on the red light any more…

Come on – you all (EVERY ONE OF YOU) have to admit you had at least one teacher that you wanted… I got it made!

When he put his ear to the wall, what did he ear? ONE GUITAR!

I don't care get behind, people living in competition, all I want is my peace of mind…. (Maybe I should work on this?)

Did you know a three legged woman aint got no soul?

What is my fever? 103, of course! I am hot blooded!

I said woman, take it slow…. it will work itself out right!

An unfortunate situation…I can't drive 55!

Anybody remember when they barely 17 and they were barely dressed?

What's my name? …. Slim Shady! Hey, at least his closet was cleaned out (On a side note, he certainly does have some pent up aggression! I'd hate to be Kim).

Apparently a girl wants to get bigger boobs and wear funky clothes on a show with an oversized barber chair?

So I challenge each of you to do things:

1) Survive the rest of the day without singing at least ONE of those songs over and over in your head!
2) Infect my brain with a song – leave a comment!

Game on! Hit me with your best shot!


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