Should I cancel Comcast – it kinda sucks!

So here is the deal, the facts, the situation – the skinny….

I currently pay:

$105 ish for cable and TV on 2 TVs with 1 DVR.
I pay $8 per month for Netflix, $8 for Hulu and have Amazon Prime as well.   Soon, I MAY pay $8 a month for Aereo – may… 

So … for television entertainment I am paying $121-129.

Now, on 8/7 – Comcast (sucks) will do this LAME thing where they raise my rate and make me pay $160 for cable and internet.  That will put me at $176-$184 a month for TV and internet. 

I have to have internet… so that's $65.  

TV cost current:  $72-80 
TV cost next month:  $127-$135
(Way to reward your loyal customers).

I'm SERIOUSLY considering going to this plan:

Internet – $65
Hulu, Aero, Netflix, Amazon – $24

I will lose a few channels I like (ESPN, Spike, some others) but there is a mega ton of content online.  Aereo gets me DVR, rewind, etc for football. 

I would probably want another ROKU for $70 but that would be covered in 2 months of savings.  If I spurge for a cable modem so I don't rent from +Comcast Atlanta I will see profit in 5 months. 

So what do you think?  Am I missing anything?  That's over $600 a YEAR!  

Anybody else taken the plunge?  

That sick/sad thing is – if I quit and come back, they will give me a better deal.  I know they say +Comcast and +Comcastcares but it really feels more like Comcast wants to make money and I don't want to spend it.  

Let's do a poll…. Vote by +1'ing my comments below!  


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20 thoughts on “Should I cancel Comcast – it kinda sucks!”

  1. Cut the cable TV.  I have gone several extended times in my life with only the internet and DVDs.  I didn't feel like I was missing anything.  With all the good shows available for streaming today, you really wont miss anything.

    Disclaimer…  I have Dish right now.  My wife doesn't share my opinion about TV.

  2. I signed up with Comcast in January and got high speed internet and basic cable TV for $39.99 for one year then goes up to 59.99 for the second year. I use the high speed internet for my Roku to watch Netflix, Hulu Plus and other stuff and rarely watch the basic cable tv channels.

  3. I say do it if the Mrs. Doesn't mind. I would but my lovely wife isn't as comfortable either the Roku box type things. No Uverse option?

    If you do ditch cable outright you can always get a DTV and just pay monthly during football season, if that's something you'd miss.

  4. +Brandt Hambrick the service gives me local (aka everything except monday night football).  Also, a dvr option, up to 20 hours.  I haven't been that into Monday Night for a LONG time… Sunday night is much better, and I got that covered.  (not to mention, without a cable box, my TVs both play local channels with the cable threaded in there… I have no Mrs…

  5. Cancel cable TV. You can add an Android stick computer to your TV. I stream Google, Crackle, etc on my flat screen. You can connect a laptop for espn3.

  6. My Comcast internet is rock solid, but a good friend of mine is in the same boat you are. Her Comcast cable service stinks and she is thinking of cancelling. I have Directv and it's great, except for the cost, but really the only reason I keep it is for the sports. I'm a huge NHL fan and the local team is blacked out on NHL Center Ice on the Roku. I could use a proxy to get around it, but it will probably screw up some of the rest of my system. Blah! I feel stuck. Good luck to you in whatever you decide. It's too blasted expensive for the few channels most of us really watch.

  7. We haven't had pay TV in 7 years…. By choice! Go to home depot and buy a 30 dollar antenna and you can get what Aereo gives but without the DVR…. up to you, but either way, dump ComCrap

  8. We are also in the non-pay-TV-having camp.  We have a TiVo which serves are our tuner and DVR for "over-the-airwaves" content; everything else comes in via DSL — mostly on Netflix and Amazon Prime, though occasionally we'll even stream YouTube to the projector.

    Content-wise, this gets us pretty much everything we could ask for.  Speed- and reliability-wise, our particular DSL seems to stand for either D**ned Slow Line or D**ned Sketchy Line, so we're thinking about cable innertubes at this point.  I always had cable internet when I was single, and I think that, coupled with Netflix and Prime and so forth, is the best way to go (that or FTTC, if it's available in your 'hood :D).

    Either way, the savings is substantial, and the only time I miss the content is when the Tour might be on some channel we might get if we had cable, but there are ways around that.

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