25 Random Facts About Me

Since I dont remember how to post a note on facebook – I’ll do it here and it will get posted to my notes.  Nobody will be tagged, but that’s okay!

  1. After years of being a PC guy, I bought a Mac.  I regret the PC years.
  2. I used to obsess about having ‘the right bike’, now I enjoy changing bikes.
  3. I have three tattoos and want more.
  4. One of my proudest moments was teaching my son to ride his bicycle.
  5. I thought I would hate Georgia.  I don’t love it, but it’s alright.
  6. For the first time in my life, I truly enjoy my job.
  7. I obsess about broken computers.
  8. In 2005 I added a Wife, 2 kids and a minivan to my family.
  9. One of my happiest moments was when my son said “My favorite part of the weekend was the Pinewood Derby”
  10. When Sarah was pregnant, I often didn’t sleep, fearing being able to handle a baby.
  11. I genuinely like helping people.
  12. I love the freedom of being on 2 wheels.
  13. I have been sober for 21 years, 2 months, 30 days.
  14. I am a firm advocate/believer in Chiropractic.
  15. I do not like wearing pants.  I wear shorts as often as I can.
  16. I married Sarah at Disney World and forever will consider Mickey to be my Best Man!
  17. I’ve broken 3 ribs, 1 ankle and have a piece of my hip bone in my collarbone (along with a steel plate and 10 screws).
  18. If I could only have one bicycle for the rest of my life, it would be a fixed gear bike.
  19. My three favorite foods are Breakfast, Pizza and Chipotle in no particular order.
  20. I believe I will someday ride my unicycle.
  21. I am happy my wife is now cycling with me.
  22. I hate waiting at doctors offices and other appointments.
  23. I don’t sleep enough.
  24. My biggest fear in the world is moving.  I could explain – but – it’s too long of a story.
  25. I’ve lived in Virginia (4), Maryland (3), Colorado (2), New Jersey (2), Rhode Island, California, Georgia.