Talk about a nice day in the ATL!

We got up for a little Team In Training group ride.  This one was about 45 mintues away and Sarah and I both agree – if that’s all we are going to do there – we wont be back.  The traffic and rodes were nothing to speak of.  The one cool thing was some road kill that looked JUST LIKE Pepperoni Pizza!  (it really was pizza).

It was right along the Chatahoochee river and let me tell you, river air is COOL in the morning.  We just about froze for the first hour, but it warmed up nice.  Those of you who know about our “cycling challenge” this week – I can just tell you – all was fine, no bad feelings, no issues.

Sarah rode REALLY well.  I don’t think she fancies hills all that much, but hey – who does!  I rode the fixie again and loved it, of course.  I don’t know what it is about that bike … I hate the bike, love the ride?  The bike barely fits me … so its a stretch – but the ride of a fixie on the road is just something special.

After that – off to basketball – Derek was AWESOME today.  There was a little kid, about 2′ 4″ tall … maybe a bit taller, but not much… he was FAST and GOOD!  He could straight roll a lay up, till I did a little side line coaching and said “when that little fella gets the ball, GO FOR THE BALL and turbo did it!  Once Derek was on the mission – that kids game was OFF!  They also had Derek guarding a guy that could post a 3 point, fade away jumper … at age 7-8?  Yikes…  Derek did good, but if he went for a high shot, my man just didn’t have the hops!

After b-ball … unicycling.  Wow… it is hard, but I rode it over 3 pedal strokes today!  I can ride downhill really well.  Getting the momentum to ride flat and/or uphill is not happening yet, but I am trying!  I have almost found ‘the balance point’.  It’s a narrow range and I suspect if I reduced my keister, I’d be a bit better on the uni – but thats in due time.

It was a long week – the start of the weekend has been good, but it does feel like this weekend is going to be about 3 days too short!

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