A good weekend

I’m currently sitting here waiting for 16 gigabytes of data to be transformed into a functional database.  Between network traffic, hard drive speed and whatever else I am doing on this machine, it’s taking an eternity.

Our weekend was good.  We got in a lot of biking, a lot of fun, very few Maxwell Meltdowns… no major injuries… good stuff!  You have to love it when it’s like 70 degrees in february!  I’ll take that.  I’m probalby screwing up my karma by acknowledging it, but hey … I enjoyed!

I’d like to make a brief product endorsement – the LG Env2 – the new cell phone I got last week.  I really like it.  A very nice phone!  Texting is dreamy on this little bugger thanks to the QWERTY keyboard.  It’s no iPhone… but it’s not meant to be.  Quick check of an email here and there, texting your friends… good deal.

This week – you should hear about me riding some at lunch – keep your fingers crossed!  I better get back to work.  Make it a great week!