The evolution of watching a bicycle race from another state

Back in 1990, a guy in Ireland (Seamus Shortall) had a TV card in his PC.  He downloaded images off the live Tour de France coverage and I posted them on an FTP site.  It was about as much internet coverage anybody had really seen of the Tour.  Today, I’m sitting here at work.  I can watch the race happen – but to be honest, this stage is about as boring and predictable as Atlanta traffic.  I can listen, but the chucklheads talking are KILLING ME!  I open up my twitter and realize that “Radio Tour” is giving us bits of info about the race.  She’s talking to (via twitter) Johan Bruyneel (Lance’s boss).  Allen Lim is bored out of his mind in the Garmin team car…. there are photos and much more.

This will make little or no sense to many people, but in short – it’s cool to me, to be connected to so many people so easily.  I can watch, I can ignore, I can read later… the information is everywhere.  There are even some rumors that when Lance’s stolen bike was recovered – it was on Twitter before it hit the news!  Tech Support, News, Information … good stuff!

The more stuff you get into, the more stuff that breaks – but I’m proud of myself for giving up on my Facebook <–> Twitter sync issue!  I just said “whateva…” and moved on.  That’s progress for a geek like me!

One thought on “The evolution of watching a bicycle race from another state”

  1. Nice. I get tweets from Lance. I like technology that connects people. Twitter is beautiful because it is so simple. There are limitations but there’s some charm to that.

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