Track Racing – a hard night

Last night was another night @ the DLV.  Things are starting to come around, but I’m still not where I want to be.  I’ve got a few obsticles in my way, but am working though those.  I saw some progress tonight – which is good!

The night started with a 5 lap scratch to seed the “Wheel Race”.  Having no deisire to ride in the wheel – I had little motivation in this.  The problem with a 5 lap scratch is that it’s so short, you cant wear anybody out – and if you don’t ride aggressively, everybody sits around and rides slow.  Last night, a guy took off for 2 laps… which was nice as that is ussually me.  From there, everybody just watched each other… I kept the pace moving and with 1.5 to go gave it an 80 % effort.  I was happy to not finish last – about all I was trying for.

The “Unknown Distance”.  It’s unknown.  Everybody wanted to save it for the end, so 3 times I punched got a gap, led for a lap or more…. and got sucked back in.  When the bell rang, I was recovering from a punch and had nothing – SUCK!

Points race 1.  I thought I had more than I did.  After the first sprint (which I grabbed a point in) I saw a guy up the track.  I thought I could catch him.  I did.  I thought I could gap the field.  I didn’t.  Right after the chase, the bell rang… had NOTHING… spent a few laps playing chase and sprint.  Didn’t work out – I got 5th.  We lapped a lot of people.

Points race 2.  I was certainly not recovered from the first one.  I had a lot of issues and was wishing I had a bigger gear.  I couldn’t see straight, it hurt.   After 6 or so laps – I “threw in the towel” but then got mad at myself for doing so.  I never left the track, I sat up – got back on the end of the field and finished in the field.  Yeah, a lap down, but I fought it out.  On the 5 to go sprint, I was cracking.  Steve Hill said “Come on Scott”.  He was on my wheel – I knew if I pop’d he would get gapped and thats not nice.  I dug in, stayed in the field and finished it off.  A good effort.

All in all – a fun night.   Good racing – nice weather.  No “spats”.  I earned a point – my first of the year.  Progress.