Words you never want to hear

Sarah:  Did you get the message?

Scott:  What message?

Sarah:  Max is being transported to the ER.  He is un-responsive!

Your life changes instantly.  Work doesn’t matter, time stands still but goes so fast.  You don’t know what to do, who to tell, where to go… but suddenly the harsh reality of life kicks in – you are an adult and you have to do what is right NOW and there are no second chances…  (He’s okay – if you dont feel like reading any more).

Luckily I had 17 floors in an elevator to sort out my next step.  Gather facts – find out what the situation is… and when I did, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  Max was now responsive – but he was in an Ambulance – he was crying (I’d love to have heard him cry).  I didn’t know if my little man was all alone but “Miss Nicole” was with him and for that I am eternally grateful.

Sarah and I both got the hospital in seperate vehicles.  She waited in the ER room, I waited outside and was there for Max when the doors opened.  He was upset – sad and scared.  I think he was glad to see me.  He was scared… I know he was.   I wanted to help/hold him but he was in  car seat.  Being unable to help sucks.

Now – here’s the summary.  Max had a common seizure and is okay. It happens and in 85% of the cases, it never happens again.  If it does … we will deal with it.  When you bring a 4 year old into the ER after a seizure it’s like gold card treatment.  No waiting.  The did all kinds of test and he was released about 3-4 hours after we got there.  All the test had good results.

We have a little “homework” to do … some more tests, different doctors, etc… but he’s back to Max.  If you know Max, you know he is an active little fella with a generally good/fun personality.  He’s back to “Max on a Mission”.

I should be working – and I will be in a minute – but really wanted to clear my mind of todays activities.  From the minute I received the phone call – I think I made good choice including not flying to the hospital, I don’t even think I went above the speedlimit… well, I probalby did, but I was calm and smooth – not racing.

Thanks God, everybody is okay.  Thanks to Nicole for riding with him, Jerri – thanks for getting Derek, Karen – thank you for helping us with the cars!