Have a blessed day, Flat Tires and Jesus

Let’s look at my day… I got up and was FLYING to work.  Everything was clicking – rare that I don’t hit any lights … but today, it was going great.  Then … the world got soft (or at least my front tire did).  Oh geez… a flat.  That sucks.  Oh well, not a huge deal.  I stop at the WindyMac/Austell intersection where my crossing guard friend is… he wants to help, but I got it.  About 20 feet later I realize my spare tube is defective and I’m down to 1 CO2 cartridge.  UGH!  Quick… call Sarah.  Wait – the #1 network in the world 5 bars – full 3G speed – BUT I CAN’T MAKE A CALL!  I try umpteen times, my phone wont make a call.  UGH!  I call from my friends cell… Boost Mobile works – but not Verizon #fail!  I have 2 Verizon phones … they both fail me!  UGH!  Anyway, I make a hack fix on my tube and manage to get to work.  I then find it flat again, but have 1 C02 left… I can make it!  It has to be a slow leak.  #WRONG!  I get 2.5 miles from work when it goes flat again.

Now – at this point, you are probably thinking – Scott is in a bad mood.  No… I *CAN’T* be in a bad mood after all of that.  You see – about two years ago, I made a conscious decision to make some changes in my life.  I started going to Church, I was baptized and became a follower of Jesus Christ.  (Okay, I will tie this back to flat tires in a minute – hang in there).  For a long time, I didn’t even blog/tweet/comment about Church.  Then it started creeping in.  I never really typed anything quite like I just did – but hey – at least I was going.  Perhaps I was ashamed of being a Christian.  I don’t know.  I think I didn’t want people to think I was a ‘Jesus Freak’ but at this point – I’m kind of happy about it.  I can see God working in my life and I’m not ashamed to talk about it.  I still get a little uneasy – but well, here it is – in black and white – on the internet.  Once something hits the internet – it’s LAW!  ANYWAY… let’s get back to the story…. In an effort to save you a little time (is anybody going to make it this far?  I doubt it – but that’s okay… it’s for me more than my 2 readers!).

So how does God tie into all of this?  Well – Jim, my crossing guard friend was all over helping me.  I don’t think he has much on the bike mechanic thing – but he wanted to help.  He handed me his car keys!  LITERALLY!  I refused, thinking that was a little crazy and not wanting my fix to take longer than he had.  He works at two intersections, you see!  He was willing to do anything he could to help me.  He told me I am his hero… as I am active and trying to change my life and be more fuel friendly.  When I left, before I got the second flat – he said “Have a blessed day!”  He is one of the good people in this world!

Now … scroll forward 9 hours to my ride home.  Sarah works about where I got my flat, so I was covered there, but I still had over 1/2 mile to walk.  Keep in mind that I wear carbon soled bike shoes that really aren’t walking friendly – and picture me walking up South Cobb in my socks.  Not pretty.  I look up and see a woman getting out of her car, opening her trunk and taking stuff out.  By this time, I am just a short ways for where Sarah will pick me up.  She says – “Sir, I am a chaplain and I would like to help you!”  I start to decline, but she puts on the hard sale.  Working me like a used car salesman for about 12.7 seconds when I say “She wants to help me! Let’s give her a chance to!”  She gave me a short ride and was so excited to talk to me about my commuting, my bike, my shoes and everything under the sun.  As she dropped me off, you can guess what she said?  “Have a blessed day!”

I truly have.  I have everything I need in life.  I’m chasing my dream of changing the world through myself.  I’m helping people, people are helping me, I’m involved in a great Church that truly has a mission to take God’s word to people.  For the first time in two years – I’m just laying it out there.  I have a certain sense of serenity.  I read something the other day… Serenity is not the absence of storms, rather it is peace amidst the storm.  Some of my friends may read this and condemn me for my behaviors in the past or future.  It’s okay.  I am not perfect, just forgiven.  I’m trying to be a better guy by following the best… If that bothers somebody, I’ll be more than happy to talk to them about it, but for me – this is my choice and my belief.  It is not something I regret or am ashamed of.  I live in a country where I have the choice and that is a true blessing.  I truly have had a blessed day and I hope you have one today, tomorrow and beyond!  If you made it this far – I’m proud of you!

Here’s one of my favorites lately!  Enjoy!

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