Sitting in a car is so easy

Yesterday, as i drove to work, I realized how bloody easy it is to sit in a car and drive to work. The climate is controled, the radio is easy to adjust, it is just easy. Traffic is annoying, but wow… If you want to be like water (taking the path of least resistance) fire up your car and get up on it!

Having said that, the hardest thing about bike commuting is overcoming the urge to make your life easier. Sure… A shower ar home, freshly washed clothes not in a messenger bag, a 30 minute sit on my wide load is easy, but all I get out of it is movung from point A point B. When I ride, I get that, 55 minutes of quiet, cardiovascular exercise, $4 in gas money saved, odd waving friendships, people all over town saying nice things to you, fresh air, excitment… Goootimes!

Thanks for reading. This was a motivational email designed to get me to ride to work. See… After writing that, i would be a hypocrite if i didn’t ride! Knee feels better, I am tired, but it is 6 am… I am supposed to be tired! Coffee up!