Facebook does it again?

The other day, I noticed a seemingly cool feature on FB and thought “Facebook is upping their game”!  I was seemingly happy as Google was lacking social in their social network.  I even blogged about it about 12 hours ago.  Well, then I got bored watching Biggest Loser and started reading posts on FB.  I realized they had decided to change things without any warning and you know what that means…. many people will be posting about this for days to come!

Now, I sit here … pondering, if you will.  Is this the thing that will push people from the FB monopoly to the Google realm of oddity?  Perhaps!  I will stick to my guns and tell you that G+ is a much better website – much easier to use and control!  I’ve got 150 invites available and would be more than happy to invite you.

I hope you all find peace an harmony in whatever social network you use… I will tell you that I purged about 100 people from my list of people I follow on Twitter and and really am enjoying that again.  Less is more?  Maybe I just need a few quality peeps on g+ to make it fun!