Blog Barometer?

If you look at the calendar on the right side of my blog, you can almost see a calendar of my mental state.  Sure, some of the things I write are about bad or grumpy issues… things that upset me, but if you see 1, 2, 5… days of blog posts in a row, you can probably assume I am motivated and doing good internally.  If you look at the last week, you can probably guess – something is going on. What is going on?  Old Scott is COMING BACK!  Not the “good o’le Scott” either…

In the past 10 days of my life I went from record setting riding to record setting excuses and it’s MAKING ME MAD AT MYSELF!

Last week I rode to work ONE DAY!  Why?  “Weather is _iffy_.”  “I am tired”.  “I am too busy.”  Excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses.

Last weekend was ROUGH!  We had a mega-ton of stuff going on.  Max had soccer on Saturday.  Sarah had to work all day… Derek had a sleep over… we went out with friends, Church, meetings, double dip soccer games on Sunday.  There was quite literally NO TIME for riding (or was there?)

Now – you know I’ve been working on my eating healthy?  BAH … if i’m not riding, I’m probably EATING!  Seafood.  Lots of it.  No wait, that’s SEE food.  I see food.  I eat it.  UGH!  I’ve gone back to post Thanksgiving, Pre-Christmas – Scott.  I don’t like that guy.  He is planning to do it right “tomorrow”.  No I do not want to be that guy.  He is still holding out for free crabs at Joe’s Crab Shack.  (Okay – that was BAD).

So … Every time I eat something, it is an opportunity to make a GOOD decision.  I am going to start trying to make that decision RIGHT!  I am going to focus more on saying YES … I can commute.  I often brag about my INCREDIBLE support system that includes Sarah, my co-workers, my neighbors the crossing guards, the chaplain… The strangers!  I am missing an opportunity to wave and make somebody smile.  I feel like crap, I feel like my “purpose” is fading.  I’m losing sight of what I want to accomplish and before I throw it all away and go back to “good o’le obese Scott” it’s time to kick this trend in the jimmy and rally!

So… there you have it.  If you don’t see an update on how this is going – I here by authorize you to be my own personal accountability partner and call me out!  Time to get out of this low pressure zone… Time to put the pressure back on!  BRING IT!

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