I don’t understand

Yesterday, I had a great day.  Got up… nice breakfast, coached Max’s game, didn’t make any kids cry, ran home from game, wife made me a nice lunch, Derek’s team played great, relaxed for a while, fixed my Mother in law’s computer/phone, had Chipotle for dinner, went to a INCREDIBLE concert with Sarah and to “ice my cake”… I got my Chili’s Apple Skillet thingy that I have been craving.  The thing is … 30 minutes after I finished the skillet (a huge, high calorie dessert, suitable for sharing … but I enjoyed it solo) I am driving home and am 110% sure I am ‘hungry’.  Every road sign for food is making me consider stopping for more food.  I just wanted more more more more more…. McDonalds was calling me….”99 cent double cheeseburger”…. “99 cent double cheeseburger”….  Seriously – what is it with this addiction/issue/love affair that I have with food that makes me think like that?  I don’t understand.

The good news – I made it home without stopping, went to bed and passed out with a smile on my face from the concert, but I had to consciously fight my tendencies to be a fattie even when faced with goodness.  When I started in AA they told me alcoholism is a “cunning and baffling disease”.  I guess the same can be said of any addiction.  I’m not wired right and my disease is going to do everything it can to make me give in.  “Admitted I am powerless over food… my life is unmanageable.”

BTW – if you ever have the opportunity to see Third Day in concert – DO IT!