So … this new iCloud thing – is it a trap?

So first AT&T comes out with this super-duper-double-looper-pooper-scooper phone.  You may have heard of it in the past … the iPhone?  It was REALLY COOL…. slower than a tank, but the fastest thing on the planet.  Then they said “People will want faster data!” so … they came out with the 3G.  The faster it got, the more data they transferred.  They started doing more.  Doing more required more data transfer!  New services came up that streamed music to our phones.  Music, video… that’s data!

AT&T started having new issues.  They started running out of bandwidth so they said WAIT…. “Your Unlimited Data Plan”… that’s not really unlimited, you get 5 GB.  After that, get out your checkbook.  Only a few were affected, but I believe at this point they have even turned back their 5 gig back to 2 gig (I’m sure somebody will clarify).

Now, everybody on Verizon got all worked up and bunched – I want and iPhone… Okay, you can have one too!  (Verizon I know is set to 2GB).  Great – we will make them the fastest 3G phones we can, awesome…. but only communicate 2GB a month!

Now – here comes the iPhone 4s  (Notice, their’s no G).  It’s not a 4G phone.  Why not?  (I could argue many people cant/don’t need 4G as they wont even get it at their homes, but that’s a different discussion).  Now … they introduce this new product… the iCloud – which I _FULLY SUPPORT_!  With proper security – amen my brotha … use that internet to my advantage.  From what I have seen and read though, they are giving you 8GB of space on the cloud.  You probably have to pay more – for more…. They still have 16, 32 and 64 gig iPhones but the door is open to get rid of that and save costs.  The door is open to start charging you for cloud space for anything more than 8gb of music.  A 32 gb microsd card can be found for under $100.  How much will 32 gb of cloud space cost with the iPhone 4/5/g/s/?  I guess we will have to wait and see…. the other thing is, how many people will bust their music library up to the cloud, listen away as happy as a clam and get their bill and weep for days?  Those of us who are old enough to remember when we thought 300 minutes was enough for our cell phone…. until we used it for the first month and got our first $500 phone bill will understand.

Sorry – I really rambled here.  I like the concept of the iCloud and where I think Apple is going, but I fear that not all of the players are working together … or maybe they are.  $50 1gb iPhone w/8 gb of cloud space and a $200 a month data bill wont be a good deal!

Thanks… I’m done!