Inspirational quotes

My friend Sheri posted this one the other day:

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!

She went on to babble about chocolate – but it hit me in the gut and made me think.  I gotta thank her for that one.  I thought of this one while running tonight:

You will never feel better if you eat because you feel bad!

Now, as I sit here typing this, watching the Biggest Loser – season 12 – I hear another one:

You have to find your inner WHY!

I kind of think I lost my inner why.  I got off track about a month, or two, or three again.  Riding, living, eating, having fun and not focussing on getting down to my healthy weight.  On one side, that is good.  I have enjoyed myself.  I rode lots, ran some.  Ate some, maintained my weight reasonably well.  I went up 5, down 4, up 3, down 6, up 2… all what I would call normal and usual human fluctuations.  I decided I would go back… I still remember how I felt in March.  Disgusted.  I’m not there yet – but I’m getting there.  As strange as this may be – I feel almost like a role model and I don’t want to turn back.  Some of you may know, my cousin Nathan has joined the fitness/weight loss cult and is doing very well.  I read his blog, his twitter … I see his enthusiasm and I dont want, at any time, him to look to his cousin and at not least have him see me do something positive.  At most – I don’t want to show him negative.  Lately – I don’t feel like I’ve been inspirational or role model.

So here it is… time for change.  Time to restart doing what did me well in the beginning.  I see a lot of positive in my life.  I didn’t completely go backwards.  I haven’t gained back everything I lost.  I have a seeming good attitude/slogan.  Anybody else in?

BTW – Nathan is coming down from Rochester, NY in July to give he Peachtree a go!  Should be good…

3 thoughts on “Inspirational quotes”

  1. I’m in. I have let my inability to run stop me from working out in general. My excuse is, “well, if I can’t run, then why bike or swim?” I need an accountability partner and I will be yours as well. I need to drop 15 pounds myself, besides the fact that I need to get back into shape, running or not.

  2. I’m in. Need to lose 25. I’ve used every excuse in the book not to exercise. Been working on turning a corner. Maybe I’ll come run the Peachtree with you and Nate!

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