My accountability partner… The Internet!

I know my latest hair brained idea won’t push the iPhone 4s off the news, but today it is helping me! If you haven’t been annoyed by my facebook posts about everything I eat… You probably will be soon. I decided to tweet (and cross post to fb) everything I eat. So far it is challenging me and making me think through what I eat. I am going to be honest, I am often a secret eater. Little (200 calorie snack, bite here, taste there) bit at a time, I fuel my fatness. Nobody knows, I feel guilty when i do it but I do it over and over again. I am FORCING myself to TELL YOU! Well…. As I do that, for some stupid reason it is easier to just say no. Another side effect? Makes doing your diary easier in the evening!

So… If my food annoys you, I am sorry. You can un-follow or de-friend me. I won’t be mad. You might miss when I hit one-derland, which could be one heck of a day. They say I am gonna party like it’s 1999!