Day 3 – Could use some help

So today I am still recovering from my ‘inspired workout’.  I really don’t feel well.  I mean, the pain has made me almost feel sick.  That may sound wuss like – but it’s terrible.  I’ll make it through this.  Maybe I can work out tomorrow – but I don’t see it happening today.

Eating has been good.  Saturday was AWESOME…. Sunday was good.  Monday is already taxing me a lot.  Not really found of being taxed while I am at home – then again – not really sure being near vending machines is a good idea.

Last night we ordered up some Chinese and I didn’t want it… all my favorite Chinese recipes are really bad for you (or expensive).  They did have Thai food… I got some curry w/Chicken that everything I have searched on is apparently not too bad for me.  I was more impressed with what I did when it arrived.  I immediately took out a tupperware bowl and put 1/2 of the dinner away.  I wanted more, but I did one for now, one for later, one for now, one for later… *BOOM*  Got lunch today.

I felt weakness around lunch.  The kids didn’t finish their doritos – but I asked Sarah to get rid of the left overs.  I haven’t eaten anybodies left overs in 3 days.  I’m kind of proud of that.

One day at a time, one decision at a time – I hope to conquer this addiction.